Introducing Harbor Technology

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines HARBOR as a part of the ocean, a lake, etc., that is next to land and that is protected and deep enough to provide safety for ships. While Fortune 1000 businesses and government agencies have the resources to weather the cyber-storm, most small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) need a harbor; or as we define it a safe and affordable operating environment.

Harbor Technology Group will focus on providing the SMEs the experience, expertise and leadership necessary to implement and maintain a world-class cybersecurity practice. Unfortunately, the SMEs are no longer immune to the cyber threats and attacks prevalent in today’s business environment, they can no longer find safe harbor by trying to fly under the radar.

In the future this blog will focus on cybersecurity issues from the prospective of the small and medium sized enterprise. Our goal of this blog is to provide thought leadership, insightful recommendations and high-light valuable resources that the small and mid-sized business can use. Cybersecurity can be a tricky and complicated topic for many people. This blog, as well as Harbor Technology Group as a whole, hope to reduce some of the complexity and allow businesses gain a better understanding of how cybersecurity doesn’t have to be nightmare waiting to happen.

While some of the cybersecurity frameworks and controls that work for large enterprises will work for the SMEs, most do not. SMEs face the same threat landscape and the added challenges of high interconnectivity and limited resources (capital, times, and expertise). Even a basic risk mitigation strategy, like cyber-risk insurance, requires a small business owner to complete a dozen page survey. Are all of my devices encrypted? Did will remove Sally’s access to the outsources payroll services when she went on maternity leave? What is a data destruction policy and do I need one? 

Finally, this blog will be a lot more interesting if cybersecurity professionals as well as business owners and management participate in the conversation. So, if you’ve got something to add or have strong feelings one way or another on a topic, take a second to leave your comments. If you want to shoot me a note directly,

Michael Markulec

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