Harbor Technology Group was founded by networking and security veterans to address cybersecurity threats not just for the Fortune 100 companies but, for small to medium sized businesses as well.  We specialize in providing enterprise grade services that are affordable enough to meet the budgetary restrictions of growing organizations, and forward-thinking enough to provide advanced protection as those businesses evolve.

Michael Markulec

Michael Markulec

Michael brings many years of entrepreneurial and management experience to Harbor. He has worked with both large and medium enterprises to create solutions to better comply with government regulation and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Mathew Webster

Mathew Webster

Matt brings over 25 years of cybersecurity and risk management experience to Harbor. He has held a broad range of responsibilities for companies both small and large, ranging from start-ups to multinational financial services organizations.



Chances are you’ve wasted money on cybersecurity efforts in the past, or worse yet – you have no idea if they even worked. Everything Harbor does reduces your risk – we’ll give you the data to prove it.


Measuring your cybersecurity progress has become an important part of compliance and ultimately peace of mind.  Our program comes with the tools and data you  need to demonstrate progress.  Harbor will be your trusted advocate throughout the entire process.


Knowing that bad things have happened or are happening is critical to the overall protection of your organization, data & brand. All of Harbor’s services are fully integrated, so they work together to provide seamless cybersecurity program.


Security budgets, time, resource constraints, and office politics all play a role in cybersecurity today. We know because our team members have lived through these challenges themselves. What you get from us is passionately practical security, notpie-in-the-sky, utopian fairytales.




In order to provide our clients with the best information security solutions possible, Harbor has partnered with industry leading companies.  Our information security partners allow us to gain additional knowledge and expertise, so that when you choose Harbor, you are choosing a information security firm with experience implementing lead technology solutions.